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這些食物被發現含有致癌物,你有吃過嗎?你會怎樣處理? [已完結]

這些食物被發現含有致癌物,你有吃過嗎?你會怎樣處理? [已完結]

早前加拿大環境保護局 Environmental Defence 和美國加州 Anresco 實驗室進行了一項獨立的研究,發現以下 14 種加拿大常見的食物和零食中,測出有不同含量的草甘膦 (Glyphosate)。草甘膦是一種化學除草劑的有效成分,在許多農業和園藝產品中都有使用。加拿大環境保護局表示,草甘膦經已証明是致癌物質,不應該出現在食品中;但加拿大衛生部 Health Canada 卻指出,進食很低含量的草甘膦對人體並無害處。

Recent study found that weed-killing chemical Glyphosate is found in pasta, cereal and cookies sold in Canada, have you ever consumed these products ? What are you going to do?

1. Catelli Healthy Harvest Multigrain Spaghetti
2. Cheerios Cereal
3. Fontaine Sante Roasted Garlic Hummus
4. Kellogs Froot Loops Cereal
5. Kraft Dinner Original Mac & Cheese
6. PC Blue Menu 100% Whole Grain Tortillas
7. Pogo Original
8. Quaker Large Flake Oats
9. Ritz Original Crackers
10. Sabra Classic Hummus
11. The Original Orea Cookie
12. Tim Hortons Chocolate Glazed Timbits
13. Tim Hortons Sesame Seed Bagels
14. Unico Chickpeas


截止日期 Deadline: September 21, 2018.

1. 立即棄丟 Throw them away immediately.


2. 繼續吃剩餘的,但不會再購買 Will not buy them anymore after consuming the remaining packs.


3. 沒甚麼可怕,繼續購買 Nothing to be afraid of, keep buying.


4. 從來沒有買過或進食過以上產品 Never bought or consumed these products.