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New Program 音樂動式 Mary vs Jerald

2012-11-16 (星期五)

Click here to watch TV intreview of Mary & Jerald
[video is for Nov 18 episode of  "What's On" on FTV]

盧玉鳳Jerald 主持的全新節目「音樂動式 MUSIC MODE」將於11月18日(FM96.1 @ 3pm) 登場!

一連七集,星期日下午三點至四點FM96.1「音樂動式 MUSIC MODE」MaryJerald將會介紹及點評最新派台歌曲,分享自選音樂故事,還有特別準備的「本地樂人」環節,歡迎聽眾把原創作品電郵到program@am1470.com與大家分享。

New Program 音樂動式 Mary vs Jerald


Fairchild Radio FM96.1 new music show – “Music Mode”, hosted by Mary and Jerald, starting on November 18, every Sunday at 3pm. There will be 7 episodes in total. If you would like to share your original music with Mary and Jerald, please e-mail your song to