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Winter Warm Wave

2017/12/04 (Monday)

Do you have clothes, shoes, toys and household items sitting at home doing nothing, just collecting dust?  Why not let other people find use in them? Things you don't want or you have forgotten can have a new life in other people's home. 

Winter Warm WaveFairchild Radio's signature charity project has officially launched and will last until Jan 2, 2018. Bring your unwanted clothes and other items to the collection locations below.  Salvation Army will make use of them to bring joy to the people in need.


  261 East 12th Avenue @  Main Street
  2714 West Broadway @ Macdonald Street
  8384 Granville Street  @ West 70th Avenue
  1906 West 4th Avenue @ Burrard Street
  Lynn Valley Mall (Safeway)
  774 Columbia Street @ Eighth Street
  4855 Still Creek Avenue, Still Creek Recycling 
  2275 Elgin Avenue @ Shaughnessy Street
  12260 Vulcan Way, AutoMind Collision Richmond@ No. 5 Road