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Latino Soy 24th Anniversary Party!

2017/11/10 (Friday)

Proudly celebrating 24 years of service as the forerunner in Spanish broadcasting in the Lower Mainland, reaching Vancouver Island, Washington, and world wide on the internet…


Latino Soy invites you to the


Latino Soy 24th Anniversary Party!!


Saturday, November 18th at 7:30pm


The Russian Hall

600 Campbell Avenue in Vancouver

With La Tropa 21 Band, Laura Rivera and Tabasko Trio Band, traditional and contemporary dances by Grupo America and HipHop with Impacto! 

And enjoy the evening dancing to your favorite Latin music with DJs Carlitos G and SoundLoco.  With prizes, surprises and much more!!!!

Admission is $25. 

18 years and over only!

For tickets and more info check out Latino Soy 96.1FM on Facebook


Call the infoline at 604-254-0272.


Presented by Latino Soy… on 96.1FM!!


was founded in 2005 by Martin Barriere as the forefront in directing, composing and musical arrangements for this bands original work and debuted at the Annual Childrens’ Festival organized by LatinoSoy on96.1 FM that year.  

From then on it has recorded over 30 compositions, highlighting “El Duende de la Radio“ (The Radio’s Elf/Leprechaun) , being the first of them.  It has participated in almost all of the events organized by the LatinoSoy radio program and has recorded approximately 15 songs alluding to the LatinoSoy’s Anniversaries.  Amongst these, the standouts: “Latino Somos Latinos“ (Latinos We Are Latinos), “Llegamos a los 20! “ (We’ve arrived at 20 years! ), 21, 22 Anniversaries, 23 Anniversary, and this year’s, and the current successful hit, “Los 24 Años de LatinoSoy“  (24 Years of  LatinoSoy), with Mauricio Gonzalez, as main vocals.

La Tropa 21 has also created original compositions alluding to popular characters, among other picarezcos which have become hits such as: “Las Piernas de Carlitos“ (DJ Carlitos G’s Legs), “La Docena del Duende“, (The Duende’s Dozen), “ Rolando Andres,“ “My Commanding Wife“,“ El Superman“,“Juan El Mimoso“, (John The Cuddly) and “La Piedra de Roberto“ (Roberto’s Stone), alluding to PCSur’s staple Latin American settlers hallmark theme stone monument on Arch Peace Park carved by local artist Roberto Palominos.

In addition, new arrangements have been made to popular songs including “Propiedad Privada“, as one of the classics.  Currently , La Tropa 21 has resurfaced with frontrunners, band leaders, Martin Barriere and Mauricio Gonzalez, alongside the participation of new vocalist, Nikoll  Martos.  They have recorded their first song together titled, “Amandote“, Loving You, a Martin Barriere’s original with Tropa 21 arrangements. 

Other new compositions by La Tropa 21 this year are “La de Neiva“, and “No Basta“.


This year on Latino Soy’s 24th Anniversary Gala event, La Tropa 21 has the honour and privilege to count with the participation of musical master, Jorge Hernandez, on piano.  Its important to note that Jorge is one of the original members of La Tropa 21 and main pillar in creating this musical project.   In addition, we have with us congas’ star, Rolo Preza, Vancouver’s seasoned showman, Freddy Morales and master Eddy Pabradas on timbales.


  was formed in 2005 by the group’s director, arranger and composer, Diego Kohl, after an inspiring trip to Cali, Colombia where one of his salsa compositions, El Campo' was promoted and aired on several  radio stations in Colombia.   Diego was most impressed by the salsa mania he experienced down in Cali.  "It is the most popular style of music down there", says Diego.  "I would love to see people get as crazy about Latin music here in Canada".
Diego has been working hard  to achieve that goal ever since   by performing regularly with Orquesta Tabasko in Vancouver and all over Canada, recording his original Salsa compositions.

More on Tabasko Band  check  www.diegokohl.com or facebook Orquesta Tabasko


 is originally from the city of León, in Guanajuato, Mexico, where she grew up with a very large family.  She finished a career as a bilingual secretary and continued afterwards taking English lessons thinking she would one day need it.

At 18 years of age she became part of a ballet called ZR Jazz Studio and at the same time became part of her hometown church choir.   She always felt attracted to dancing and singing, but wanted more than singing at church, which was the only thing that her Dad allowed me to.  She got married and began to sing in different musical groups in her hometown, until she came across and became part of the best groups out of León.   She devoted herself to music wholeheartedly for 14 years and it became her only financial resource which went quite well.  She belonged to different well known bands singing different genres of music, while at the same time perfecting her singing talent by taking lessons.

In September of 2008 she decided to emigrate to Canada, took her three children and three suitcases and came to Vancouver.   She started to study and perfect her English, got a janitorial job, cleaned for two years at which time she was promoted to a supervisor position in which she is  currently a manager.   Away from music stages for over 7 years since coming to Canada, the singing itch started with an opportunity to sing again.   She has now come back wholeheartedly to what she feels she loves and enjoys most and that is to sing.   Her future projects are to continue singing the style of music that I rejoice most of which is Mexican music.  Nonetheless, she completely identify with bolero and  mariachi music but definitely enjoy singing all styles of music.  In future personal projects, she would love to record an album and continue to grow as an artist and in her current job. 

Laura Rivera and Tabasko Band will be performing at the LatinoSoy’s 24th Anniversary Bash this coming Saturday November 18th at the Russian Hall.  Don’t miss them!


Since exploding onto the scene over 20 or so ago, Vancouver-based Grupo America has been dazzling International audiences with their spectacular Latin Dance show in which they push stylistic boundaries by presenting a variety of dances from every corner of the Americas.    The show combines “sizzling” modern routines with beautiful traditional numbers that will take your breath away.   Their multitude of striking costumes sets them apart from any dance company you have ever seen, and you will be treated to a visual explosion of colour and glamour!

Grupo America boasts talented dancers and choreographers from some of the best folkloric ballets in Latin America. Grupo America has also received international acclaim; including winning the 2007, 2008, 2012 and 2013 Cuban Salsa World Championship in Miami.    With over 2000 international shows and appearances, this extraordinary group has gained a reputation as one of Canada’s elite entertainers with their irrepressible determination, energy, talent and passion!!!


For more information about booking Grupo America for your next event (company parties, weddings, school shows, etc.) please call 604-517-4644 or check their website at www.worldanceco.com


is a full grown seed from the popular P.L.P. (Platino Latin Productions’), the new Latin sensation! 

Oso Junior was born in Vancouver, Canada September 18th, 1995 as Adrian Elias Ortiz.   This 22 year old Chilean-Canadian, contracted his musical roots early and has been blessing the stage ever since he could hold a mic.   Principe Matti was born in Vancouver, Canada June 18th, 1999.    At 18 years old also Chilean/Canadian, Principe Matti has music and flow in his veins though family and passion together they make the group complete, which we know as Impacto.  

Junior Oso and Principe Matti both were born to parents Hilda “Gigi” Quezada and Gundher “Oso” Ortiz who arrived in Canada after Chile’s military coup in 1973.   Oso and Gigi met at age 12 and the love remained.

Accompanying these 2 young wave makers is one of the founders with style and grace that is “Oso” el “Chilenito from the land of the vino”.   Gundher Rodrigo Ortiz better known as Oso was born in Lota, Chile.

Flowing sounds out of the Cantina Musical in which their mentors and idols recorded at some point in time, they have created sounds and grooves which are sure to make you “move your caderas (hips)”.

Their music is an updated resemblance of their roots in PLP.    Be sure to be blown away!